About Us

The IBO is a global organization that brings together leaders from around the world of blueberries in all segments of the industry, including blueberry producers and marketers, affiliated companies, social groups and government organizations around the world.

We join together to learn, share, increase, understand, distribute information, address mutual challenges, coordinate potential solutions and explore opportunities. Ultimately, the organization exists to promote the health and sustainability of the blueberry industry.


IBO Summit is an international event that brings together the global blueberry industry in all its segments. In this 2021 edition, we have built a 100% digital platform created to learn, address mutual challenges, coordinate potential solutions, and explore opportunities in the future that promote the health and sustainability of the blueberry industry.

IBO Summits held over the years have continued to grow no matter how you look at it: the number of participants, the range of activities, the speaker themes, and the global representation. From this 23 to the 25 of August we will all meet virtually in Peru, a country with an optimal climate for quality crops and with an impressive growth of its production to serve the markets of the world.



Peru will host the first digital IBO Summit. We will design a virtual and immersive platform that will participants to interact and learn about a country with optimal conditions to grow blueberries. It’s a perfect place for sharing powerful messages about the global industry.